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Bottoms Realty and Mr & Mrs Bill Canada enjoyed handing over the keys to Nicole Garth, APRN, PNPC last week to open Majestic Pediatric and Adolescent Acute Care Clinic in Dumas Arkansas. Mrs Nicole is still in the process of redecorating her building at 103 W Waterman(former Clinic of Dr. Lewellen) in Dumas Arkansas. It will be the first clinic of its kind in Southeast Arkansas, to my knowledge. It was a pleasure working with both the buyer and sellers in this transaction. And of course, I can’t leave out Nicole’s brother, Eric, who helped when Nicole was busy at work and is in charge of the construction in process.

Majestic Pediatric and Adolescent Acute Care Clinic in Dumas


The distribution will begin at 1:00 from The Legacy Center at 501 W. Bowles.

The Legacy Center to host Food Distribution

Arkansas Food Bank brings its monthly distribution to Dumas focusing on Dumas on Dumas residents who have specific food needs especially towards the end of the month.  Everything is on a first come first serve basis. 


SALTER: Amazon in Alabama: Organized labor’s racial narrative soundly rejected yet again

Below is an opinion column by Sid Salter:

Organized labor’s organizing efforts in the South in recent years have focused on equating union membership with social justice. Over the last decade, that narrative has been soundly rejected in union votes and in most cases by workers with significant percentages of Black workers.