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Kelley Williams Jr.

The Wrong Lens

OPINION: Much has been written about the extraordinary events of the last year, most often from a political point of view. While that may provide some entertainment value for those who view the world through a political lens of “our team” vs “their team,” it’s not particularly instructive.


Announcing the ‘JUST GOD: No Brands… No Labels’ Gathering in Washington, DC, at the MLK Memorial, Resurrection Weekend, April 3—4, 2021

JUST GOD — No Brands… No Labels Launches from Dumas and Heads to DC  ~A New Focus on What’s Been Here Since the Beginning~

When the Body of Christ rises up to make ‘biblical rights’ and the ‘biblical rights movement’ our number one priority and lay aside all our brands and labels, there will be little and often ‘no need’ for civil rights and/or a civil rights movement.