Our History

Ed Lucas of Star City founded the Dumas weekly newspaper, first known as the Desha County Democrat, in 1899. He operated the newspaper for a few years and then sold to Jack Bernhardt, Dumas' first practicing attorney.

The Desha Country Democrat was purchased by Millard A. Bridwell about 1909.

In 1922, Mr. W.M. Stuart bought the paper from T. R. Jacobs, who had obtained it from Mr. Bridwell.

In 1924, the Dumas Newspaper was moved to the Willeford Building on East Waterman Street, and in 1925 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart sold the paper to C.W. Meador and Clyde Carnahan.

Mr. Bridwell later owned the second paper named “The Dumas Clarion.”

The newspaper was purchased by Ralph Moore from W.M. Jackson following World War II. Mr. Moore sold The Clarion to Melvin and Charlotte Schexnayder March 1, 1954.

In 1963, The Clarion moved to its present location directly across Waterman Street, to a new building which was the former location of Alton Farmer Electric Service and Dr. Isom's old hospital building.

Mr. and Mrs Schexnayder published The Dumas Clarion from 1954 to 1998.

The Dumas Clarion was purchased by Emmerich Newspapers, a Jackson, Mississippi, based chain which owns several newspapers in Mississippi, on April 15, 1998. Wyatt Emmerich, president of the company, named Terry G. Hawkins, former associate publisher, as publisher under the new ownership. After Hawkins passed away in February 2019, Tracey Finch was named publisher.

In February 2020, long time newspaperman Rick Wright was named the publisher/editor of The Dumas Clarion.